Dedicated Severs. Stay in Full Control of Your Environment

Stay in full control of your environment with high performance single-tenant dedicated servers, powered by NVIDIA GPUs and high-performance CPUs from AMD and Intel. Managed and Supported by IT and Software Professionals.

Bare Metal has never been easier

We make Bare Metal simple, with transparent, predictable pricing by the hour, month, or discounted rates for 1, 3, and 5 year contracts.

Datacenter Locations

28 Server Locations Worldwide with High Speed Networking

Advanced Network

High Speed Public and Private Networking

Control Panel

Expand and Manage Your Infrastructure

Operating Systems

Deploy Instances with Your Preferred OS

Upload ISO

Upload Your Own Operating System


Simplified Infrastructure with Managed Services


Enterprise-class Stability and Performance

Managed Databases

Databases that Just Work Right Out of the Box

Direct Access to Hardware or We Manage for You

Direct Access to the Hardware or We manage it for you

Bare Metal grants you access to the underlying physical servers. Featuring no virtualization layer and a single-tenant environment, these servers can power even the most resource intensive workloads.

Do you know that you can develop and deploy globally

Bare Metal Instances are available in 26 locations worldwide.

Dedicated Performance

The server hardware is 100% all yours – zero noisy neighbors, zero shared resources, and no metered CPU and IOPS resource limits to worry about. A true single-tenant environment without the management overhead of traditional dedicated servers.

High-Speed Networking

Every dedicated server instance includes a burstable 10 Gbps network connection. Bring low latency and high-speed throughput closer to your end users.

Full Server Control

With Bare Metal, you have direct access to all server resources without any virtualization layer. Perfect for resource-intensive applications or workloads that require single tenant or non-virtualized environments!

Deploy Anything in Seconds

Spin up a new instance with your preferred operating system or pre-installed application in just seconds.

High Frequency Compute

Instances are powered by high clock speed vCPUs and NVMe local storage to power your most demanding applications.

Instant Deployment Worldwide

Blazing fast benchmarks.

Get started in the SSD Cloud.


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