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Focus on what matters most in your business while keeping your customers with you. Diadyn Cloud CRM comes with lot of features which includes Sales Lead Management, Project Management, HR Management, Support Tickets, Event Management, follow-up on Tasks etc. Stay aligned at every stage of your sales pipeline.


For Sales teams who want to sell, for Management who want to manage the entire operations

Sales Automation

Diadyn CRM sales automation saves you time on the tasks that would usually take you hours a day to complete.

Lead Management

Manage leads until it convert and close. Diadyn cloud CRM helps you streamline your conversion funnel, so you can get the best return from your marketing investment.

Support Ticket

Multi channel help desk ticketing solution, team collaboration and task management. Manage all end-user trouble tickets and track service request lifecycle, from ticket creation to resolution, from one centralized help desk management solution.

Track Projects

Keep a track of all your projects in the most simple way.

Manage Billing

Manage billing and automate revenue recognition to streamline the cash flow.


Create estimates how much project can cost and send to your clients.


Employees can apply for the multiple leaves from their panel. Admin can approve or reject the leave applications.

Task Report

Report to track completed vs pending tasks. This gives details of assigned tasks and it’s status.


Diadyn Cloud CRM features which will help you to connect with your team members in a better way.

Contact Management

This feature gives you full control on your customer details and help you get information on finger tips.

Project Management

A comprehensive solution that combines all the features you need in project management: projects & tasks, contact management, quotes, team collaboration, billing, and reporting.

Mobile App

All our solutions come with mobile functionality & responsiveness. A user-friendly mobile app that enables small businesses to accept and process credit card payments, monitor inventory, and manage employee access.

Track Sales Leads

Never drop a sales opportunity again. Take full control of your sales leads until it’s finalization.

Support Ticketing

Provide competitive sales, technical and service support to your clients through support ticketing. You can track and assign each cases until it closes.


Simple and professional invoices can be download in form of PDF.


Attendance module allows employees to clock-in and clock-out, right from their dashboard. Admin can track the attendance.

Income Vs Expense

Report shows how much income earned and how much spent on every project.

Time Tracker

Put the power of simple time tracking in the hands of your awesome employees, which helps you to save big.

Sales Pipeline

Set up leads with a click, monitor your team’s progress, and watch them to close the sale with every stage.

HR Management

A comprehensive HR, payroll, and benefits solutions designed around the needs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Employee leave management, attendance and performance review features.

Leave Management

The complete cloud-based solution for all your absence management needs with approval system. Managing your employees’ leaves and workplace even remotely with Diadyn Cloud CRM HR management solution.

Assign Tasks

Which resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

Fully Responsive

Your CRM is fully responsive, it will work on any device, desktop, tablet and mobile.


Track payments done by clients in the payment section.

Add Members

Add members to your projects and keep them in sync with the progress. The features will keep you updated and help you to connect with your team in a better way.

Ticket Reports

A report to show Open vs Closed tickets. This report gives an in-depth details of the tickets.


Communicate centrally to speedup the work process. A real time message sections helps team members to discuss quickly with each other.

Sales CRM for All Business Models Across the Globe

Diadyn Cloud CRM is a central hub for all your sales communications with conversion of leads to billing, task assignment etc. 

How can I customize my pipeline stages?

Diadyn Cloud CRM is the only CRM that pushes you to take action. Rather than producing additional admin tasks of updating a database, it integrates into your sales process. You can also set up multiple pipelines with their own unique sets of stages and it’s unique feature ensures you follow up with every lead at exactly the right time. So, nothing slips from your workflows.

Can the CRM grow with my business?

When you compare CRMs, one of the most crucial yet easy to overlook things is whether the tool will scale with your business. You may be a startup now, but you’d be surprised how quickly a good CRM has you hitting all your targets. To prevent having to switch tools a year or two down the road, see what kind of features are available across all plans, not just the one you’re interested in now.

How can Diadyn cloud CRM help you accelerate revenue?

Close deals faster with a 360° view of your customers. Get a complete view of your customer’s interactions to deliver personalized experiences. Leverage data to drive revenue.

Is Cloud CRM better than on-premise CRM?

The most obvious difference between Cloud and on-premises solutions is where information and software are kept. While on-premises software deployment involves on-site servers, with the Cloud your data and CRM software are stored on remote servers, accessed through an internet connection. So one of the major benefits of Cloud CRM is that there is no hardware to install or software maintenance issues to worry about, compared to taking things in-house. And without the often-significant upfront capital expenditure on computers and IT infrastructure or data center costs, the Cloud’s ‘pay as you go’ approach is very appealing to many businesses.

Are Cloud solutions secure?

The mention of Cloud solutions can sometimes raise security concerns, but in reality, Cloud computing is often more secure than many private data centers. A good Cloud service provider will have robust processes in place to ensure your data is protected, accessible at all times, and regularly backed up.

Are Diadyn! CRM’s Cloud solutions GDPR compliant?

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Improve sales  conversion with Diadyn Cloud CRM and drive deals to closure.

Get insights across the sales funnel from leads to revenue.


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